The Good Land
“Recovering A Sense of Ecological Restoration”
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Please join us in our efforts here at The GOOD LAND in make real changes in our quest to improve our corporate Human Experience as it relates to good health and good nutrition for all of humanity, regardless of economic status, country or race. Please use our “Contact” Page to share with us your thoughts and feelings concerning the real issues at stake for the sustainability of our future and the effects of poor soil and agricultural management upon our “Good Land”.

If your able to help in a more tangible way please use the link below to make a tax-deductible donation to The GOOD LAND and in this way participate with us in changing our culture and our World for the betterment of Humankind and the Perpetuity of our Natural Earth Resources.

We are a charitable 501c3 Organization in operation with your kind donations and gifts. Thank You.

Where do your  tax-deductible GIFTS and DONATIONS go?

Desertification Research in the Araba Regions of Israel, Palestine, Egypt

Tree Planting in Desert Regions to reduce soil temperatures and begin soil regeneration.

Local Work throughout the USA with small farms, family gardens, workshops and public speaking.