“Recovering A Sense of Ecological Restoration”
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A NonProfit




In a most appropriate and determined fashion, and to the fullest extent possible, we will facilitate the connection of good food to health benefits.

We are committed to promote the contributions at all levels of agriculture leading to the healthy and sustainable practices for the perpetuity of our future generations. We will work to establish a durable economic model that benefits all stake holders in tangible ways. This includes producers, distributors, retailers, suppliers, equipment providers, sustainable Agriculture groups, researchers, and the USDA.

Both Health and Sustainability must be realized to validate our success. This means restoring biological life, enhancing soil structure, reducing erosion, reducing or eliminating the need for additives to the soils, including but not limited to nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers, and reducing ground water leaching.

We are resolute in establishing good and profitable pathways for economical continuous improvements in food quality. We are firm in our quest to enhance soil health while decreasing cost of production and inputs. We are unyielding in our efforts to increase market opportunity of ‘good food’ by way of building up “THEGOODLAND” and doing so with credible quality controls and economical characterization of food quality. By this we are firm in our support to provide value to each participant in the agricultural food cycle, from field producers and growers, to food distributors, all the way to through the food cycle to the Consumers.

As stated, our self-value is found in our determination and resolution, and to the fullest extent possible, to facilitate the connection of good food to health benefits. By this we see the immediate benefit for our generation…but in all reality we look to our future, our children, our grandchildren, and to the coming generations that will be greatly benefited by our efforts…without which the future is most uncertain. We believe, with a full heart, that our efforts today will wholly be realized by the generations that follow.

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