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“Recovering A Sense of Ecological Restoration”
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A. The Good Land is committed to a grassroots, bottom-up approach to change. We are committed to educating, equipping, training, and empowering individuals to rise up and take control of their own “Good Land” by utilization of good science practices for better nutrition, and thereby assuring better use of natural recourses of our good, green Earth for future sustainability and improved personal health.

B. We are committed to promote the contributions of all levels of agriculture leading to the healthy and sustainable practices for the perpetuity of future generations.

C. We are committed to inculcate the benefits of Good Science in tandem with Educational Outreach as a Charitable Organization, to the benefit of our Partners, Employees, and Associates and extending in all directions, outwardly to our Friends, Customers, and Consumers.

D. Both Health and Sustainability must be realized. This means restoring biological life, enhancing soil structure, reducing erosion, reducing or eliminating the need for additives to the soils.

We are resolute in establishing good and profitable pathways for economical continuous improvements in food quality. Our quest is to enhance soil health while decreasing cost of production and inputs.

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The Good Land

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The Good Land

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