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“Recovering A Sense of Ecological Restoration”
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OUR  Advisors and Associates

To achieve our goals The Good Land, with determined resolve, is uniting with others who share our passion and commitment to Sustainable Land Practices that help perpetuate continued successes in the fields of Earth Sciences and Education leading to the realization of lasting, tangible, and measurable achievements for our prolonged advancement of the Good Earth/Land practices conferred upon us by our Creator.

To this end The Good Land would like to introduce our esteemed and cherished Associates, Colleagues, Collaborators, and Advisors.

The Good Land is a Scientific, Educational, non-profit Organization. We are positioned to work with other charitable organizations that share our same missions and purposes, as well as working with farmers, of any size, agricultural distributors, and produce retailers to achieve better agricultural practices leading to better soils, healthier crops, and more nutrient enriched foods.

We are specific about our intent to create a sustainable future for our “Good Land”, and by this, our children’s health and welfare for future generations. We are concerned about nutrient malnutrition for today’s consumers and are making available scientific advances by providing for the qualification and  dissemination for accuracy of information and data associating better agricultural practices to better human health.

We are prepared to use the wealth of our Scientific background relating to soil and plant Biology providing for the nutrient-based benefits of “Good Food” leading to superior health and wellness for people of all walks of life, in every country, around the World.

Use the Links above to view the Members of our various Collaborators along with a short bio and contact for each.

The Good Land